Freedom Fridays

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You’ll be warmly greeted and directed towards our 411 table where we have a gift for you! Before service, pick up a freshly-brewed cup of coffee from our cafe. Then make your way to your seat and prepare for a high-energy and uplifting worship experience. Our founder, Michael Rozell, shares Bible-based, encouraging, and life-giving teachings that will leave you freed, filled, and on fire, feeling a weight lifted, and pumped for the weekend. Every Friday night we represent an average of 7-10 different churches. We exist to help people just like you discover a fresh revelation, find their identity in Christ, break any chains that keep you from your purpose and destinty.


Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do

Our ministry specializes in showing people, just like you, how to be delivered from the following and other areas of torment which the Bible refers to as “strongholds”.

Unforgiveness or Bitterness:

towards those who have deeply hurt us, wounded us, offended us, deceived us, or stolen from us

Soul Ties:

any unhealthy relationship that is outside the prescribed will or plan of God (adultery, fornication, or any sexual activity outside of marriage; and unhealthy business deals or covenants)

The Occult:

any activity or association with ouija boards; tarot cards; crystal balls; palm reading; horoscopes; seances; yoga; tm; new age; demonic music, movies or books; spells; incantations; sorcery; telepathy; witchcraft; dungeons and dragons; etc. and any association with friends who are involved with these things.

Generational Curses (or the “sins of the fathers”):

alcoholism, adultery, mental and physical sickness and disease; curses of the Masons and Indians, etc.

We have met with hundreds of people who are humble and desperate to get victory over sin in their lives; sin that has hampered their Christian walk and caused many of them to be a poor witness for the Lord. We have been so excited to see how the Lord has set so many people free from their bondage to sins like lust, anger, sexual immorality, drug and alcohol addictions, and countless more.

Satan works through these aforementioned areas to keep us in bondage (a spiritual prison), to keep us from being everything God created us to be, to keep us from being everything God created to give us to do, and to keep us from receiving everything God created to give us: Peace, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Purpose, Direction, Meaning in Life, Self-Worth, Value, Financial Stability, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Minds and Bodies, an Eternal Home with Him in Heaven.

Be assured, that just as there is a God in Heaven who loves you and has a plan and purpose for your life, there is also an enemy of your soul, whose primary mission and goal is to destroy you—Body and Soul.

When + Where

Join us @ 7pm on Fridays at

2001 World Reach Drive

Indian Land, SC 29707

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