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>>>>>For a more detailed look at what the Bible says about giving check out the excerpt below.

“First it gives Glory to God. THE psalmist said, ‘Give to the Lord the Glory due His name; bring an offering.’ How are we to give to God? By bringing an offering.

Next it says ‘Bring an offering, and come into his courts.’ Bringing an offering gives us access to God’s courts. We have no right to claim access to God if we do not come with an offering. Remember the passage from Exodus:  ‘None shall appear before Me empty’ (Exodus 23:15). If you want to appear before God, to come into his His courts, you have to bring an offering.

And third, it says to ‘worship the Lord in the Beauty of holiness!’ (Psalms 96:9). We are to worship Him in exactly the same context.

So bringing an offering is a God- appointed part of our worship, and our worship is not complete until we bring our offering to him. When we give our money to God, we are giving a very important part of our lives. Most of us would say that we put a major part of lives into our work that brings in our income. When we offer to God the appointed portion of our income, we are really offering ourselves to God. We are actually giving Him our time, our strength and our talents. Really there is nothing more Holy that we can offer to God than ourselves.

God tells us ‘If you want to come into my courts , if you want to worship Me in the beauty of holiness, bring your offering.’

So bringing an offering, worship, and holiness are all very closely connected in God’s plan for your life.”

(from Derek Prince, Entering the Presence of God, Chapter 9 / page 73-74)