R Life Groups

We are better together

A Place to Belong

R Life Groups meet across the city and are the way to make church more than just an event. They are a place to develop meaningful friendships and find motivation to put your faith into action.

Enjoy life, share your struggles, and do some tangible good in the city with real people who really care—we are better together.


Freedom doesn't just happen in our services--it happens when we come together

Why R Life Groups?

We want more than the bare minimum and the mundane. We want to press into the exhilarating, dynamic life Jesus afforded us, where we are active rather than passive in our marriages, families, workplaces, and city. We cannot do this alone; we need vibrant, grace-based friendships where we carry each other’s burdens and push each other on into love and good works. This is why we believe in R Life Groups.

Find Your Group

This group is for men looking to fellowship with other Christian men, grow in their relationship with God and receive encouragement from His Word.  All ages of wisdom welcome. They typically meet on the last Saturday of every other month.

This group is all about Young Men (high school to mid thirties) experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, and having Godly community. We believe in Men’s warrior hearts, and how through the power of the Holy Spirit, He can bring that out of us to accomplish big things for the Kingdom. They meet on a Tuesday once a month across the city.

This group is for women, (married and single) with a desire to grow in our relationship with God and fellowship with others while supporting each other in the process of becoming the women God has called them to be in both their homes and in the community around them. This group is led by Pastor Michael Rozell’s wife, April. They meet the first Thursday of every month.

Two are Better than One.

Often, when we get stuck in life, it takes the help, insight, or encouragement of another person to help us get back on track. The “G I R L T A L K” R Life Group is made up of young women that gather once a month to make friends, learn about the bible, go deeper with Christ and grow in their faith. Don’t do life alone. Join us! This group meets once a month on Thursdays.

For more information or to join a group: