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Refuge Ranch Ministries wants to see people rise to their God given potential.

Whatever a person’s background or experience, we want to see them restored to the life God has intended for them.

Whatever a person may be struggling with today, we want to help them and go through this journey of life together.

Here at Refuge Ranch we know that first impressions leave a lasting impact. We want every person who walks through our doors to feel welcomed and comfortable, to sense that they belong! That’s why our First Impressions Team is here serving each Friday and Sunday. First Impressions involves a variety of teams that invite you in and make you feel at home! We want our volunteers to stand by with a smile in the parking lot to guide people in and out, making parking before services a simple and painless task.  Greeters are wonderful at welcoming new guests in and helping them get to where they need to go. Our 411 table is a resource table.  Attendants are there to answer any questions you might have and are delighted to share any information with you that you may need.  For more information, visit our 411 table.

One thing you will discover about RRM is that we take pride in serving our guests.  Our hospitality team is the best at serving our guests. They make walking into the auditorium most comfortable by helping you get seated. Whether it be helping guests find a seat, collecting the offering, or answering questions. Our Hosts Team is pleased to help throughout our services.

The Creative Arts department includes the Media/Production elements of the Refuge Ranch Sunday and Friday service experiences, which include the technical elements (audio and video).  Our Creative Team also includes additional components such as graphic design, web design, video and camera production, and set design.  This expression is a God-given gift that enables us not only to worship Him in a unique and creative way, but to portray His goodness in such a way that others might be compelled to draw near to Him. That said, we’re passionate about seeing people’s creative gifts unleashed to express wonder and awe toward God.  And, as a department, we strive to lead our congregation in meaningful worship and creative expression for the glory of God and for the encouragement of our church and community.

Our Kidz Team loves introducing kids to a loving lasting relationship with Jesus Christ with passion, enthusiasm and eagerness. We teach bible stories, Scriptures, and life principles.  We want kids to see how the Bible fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to God, to build great friendships that will last and to live a life Freed, Filled and on Fire.

Our Communications Team consists of people who passionately help us reach every nationality with the message of being Freed, Filled and On Fire. We know that we live in a diverse society and here at Refuge Ranch we don’t want language to be a barrier for others to walk in the life God intended for them to live.

Our Facilities Team helps us maintain an excellent and well presentable environment by keeping our facility tidy.

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To lead, direct, and inspire men and women to walk freed, filled and on fire for the kingdom of God.

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