What is a curse and how can it affect a person?

A curse is the opposite of a blessing. There are many types of curses: verbal, non verbal, ancestral or generational, and secret oaths or secret societies like the masons, fraternities, sororities and the occult. Very few believers are not affected in some way by a curse. Deliverance assures us through the power of Christ that all curses have been broken from our lives. As believers in Christ, we need to appropriate the finished work of Christ on the cross to brake the power of every curse from our lives.

Why don't most churches teach on deliverance?

Fear of man and deception. Satan desires to keep everyone in bondage. What better way to do this than through the spirit of fear, deception, and religion?
Why are not all church leaders obedient to the Lord’s commission to cast out demons? Sometimes it is because of ignorance but more often it is because of fear. How will the people react? What will my peers think? What will my denominational leaders do?
The fear of man has caused some to refuse or abandon the commission to deliverance.

Can I do self deliverance?

Yes, every believer has the authority in Jesus name. Click the button below for more information on how to walk yourself through deliverance.

How do I know that I am totally delivered?

If there is peace and harmony in your walk with God and relationships with other believers.

Can spirits come back once cast out?

Yes, through repetitive sin and harboring bitterness and unforgiveness in your heart. (Luke 11:24)

Can children have unclean spirits?

Yes, Jesus delivered a child of unclean spirits. See Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28
Also, the sins of the Ancestors can go down to the 3rd and 4th generation. (See Deuteronomy)
We have seen this principle in effect in our ministry on a consistant basis.

Do unclean spirits cause sickness and disease?

Yes, an unclean spirit can affect a believer mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Healing and deliverance are companion ministries. Deliverance often results in physical healing and even more often in emotional healing.
For example, persons in bondage to resentment, hatred and unforgiveness are often victims of headaches, stomach disorders, arthritis and tumors. When forgiveness and reconciliation are established, and evil spirits associated with the root of bitterness are cast out, then healing is often manifested.
Jesus cast out demons from people so they could receive their healing. (Luke 13:10-17)
This does not mean that every single sickness is caused by an unclean spirit. There are other factors such as diet, rest, stress, etc.

How do unclean spirits come in?

Unclean spirits are able to captivate the mind, emotions, and the will of a believer for a season due to their sin and the sins of others against them. When we continually walk in disobedience, we open the gate for the enemy to exercise his will, his power and his control over our lives, albeit temporarily.
There are four main areas whereby an unclean spirit can enter into a person: Unforgiveness or Bitterness, Soul-Ties (sexual impurity), the Occult, and Generational Curses (Sins of the Ancestors).

Where do the unclean spirits go when cast out?

The scriptures teach that when an unclean spirit leaves the body it will go to the dry places of the earth looking for another body to enter into. Therefore, it is imperative that when we are delivered from unclean spirits, we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus taught that an unclean spirit can bring back seven stronger spirits back into the person that was delivered. (Luke 11:24)

How do I know if I need deliverance?

If a person continues to struggle with any of the items that are listed on the main page of this website, even after prayer and fasting, then they should go through deliverance. We should daily be in total peace and not have to struggle and be frustrated or tormented with things like anger, lust, fears, strife, etc.
For we have not been given a spirit of fear but of love, power and of sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Can a Christian have an unclean spirit?

A Christian cannot be possessed in the sense of ownership. However, a Christian can have a satanic stronghold on their mind, emotions, will and body. Please refer to the document, “Can There be Two?” in the articles section of this website.
Here are some great verses from the Bible that deal with the area of satanic stongholds and unclean spirits and their influence over believers:
2 Corinthians 11:3
Ephesians 4:26,27
1 Thesolonians 3:5
1 Timothy 3:6
1 Timothy 4:1
1 Timothy 4:15
2 Timothy 2:26
James 3:15
1 Peter 5:8

Does everyone need to go through deliverance?

Everybody needs to go through cleansing (spritually, mentally, emotionally). We have all also been affected by our own sins and the sins of others. Every believer is a target of the enemy.

Can a Christian be demon possessed?

One who does not fill himself with Jesus and an opposite lifestyle from which he was delivered, is in imminent danger of ending up seven times worse than he was before. (Matthew 12:43-45)