Live Updates

• We will not be meeting for any of our services until further notice.
• We will have our main services and children's classes available online.
COVID-19 UPDATE  |JUNE 1, 2020
Dear Refuge Ranch family,

We know many of you are wondering when our church will reopen. The truth is, our church never closed. We may have closed our physical doors, but our digital doors remain more open than ever.

Like many of you, we love meeting in person more than anything. Each and every one of you that call Refuge Ranch home are the heartbeat that keeps us alive. YOU are our first priority. That’s why we always strive to gather together in excellence so that we can serve you the best way possible.

Unfortunately, that’s just not possible at the physical level right now. There’s so  many moving pieces behind the scenes, but God is control and we remain in constant prayer about when and how to best reopen our physical doors. If you’d like to be in prayer with us, here’s what you can pray for:

We do not own our own building. We rent the space we call “home” every single weekend. We have to follow their reopening plan, their guidelines and their recommendations as well as our government officials as we look to reopen our doors. You can pray with us that God would direct all of us, provide wisdom and HIS strategy as they seek to reopen as well.

Secondly, during this season of doing church at home, God has blessed us beyond comprehension with a growth in our online audience. It is our duty and responsibility to maintain this growth and steward well what God has blessed us with. This is something else that must be continued in excellence once our physical doors open. You can be in prayer with us that God will help our teams develop the best strategy to steward our new online growth, prepare for the physical growth that we see coming, and serve you well at the same time. That is our heart. That is our PRAYER. We hope and believe that will be your prayer as well.

That is why, until we can get all of these details worked out, we strongly believe the Lord is telling us to remain online only at this time. That doesn’t stop us from being the church. It doesn’t stop us from being able to help you and serve you in every way we can so please reach out with anything you need and we will do our best to help in whatever way we can. We thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We love you all so much. We’re praying for EACH and every one of you!

Lastly, if you’re not in need at this time, we ask that you find a way to serve someone who is. Maybe that’s a phone call. Maybe it’s picking up groceries. Maybe it’s just being a friend. Whatever way you can, let’s all do our part to be the church outside the four walls of a building, so when the building opens, it FILLS!