Who We Are

Core Values

This is the heartbeat of Refuge Ranch.
This is what defines us, our culture and all we do.


Is our heartbeat
Everything we do is to help people find freedom.


Is our passion
We were created to worship.
It’s not just what we do, it’s how we live.


Is our reason
Everything we do points to Jesus and His sacrifice.


Is our foundation
We are people of character.
We are honest, loyal and above reproach.


Is our calling
We are a people of honor.
We honor up, down and sideways.
We honor those we serve, those we lead and those we serve with.

Servant Leadership

Is our identity
We are servants first before we are leaders.
Every leader serves and every task is important.
No one is too big to serve or too small to lead.

God's Presence

Is our aim
God’s Presence is where true freedom is found.
It’s where healing happens, miracles take place, breakthrough comes. It’s where lives are changed.
This is why we make encountering Him our first priority.


Is our attitude
Nothing can stop a unified front.
So we work together for the greater cause of seeing our vision come to pass.


Is our privilege
We believe in outrageous generosity.
This goes beyond money.
We’re generous with our service, our hospitality, our love and our evangelism.
We give without an expectation of return.
We give because it’s our privilege.

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