Freed, Filled, On Fire




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Michael Rozell

God's Word
works when
you work
God's Word


– S.D.

“I am reminded of just how far both myself and my daughter have come as we are now blessed to have been a part of this amazing ministry, ( our 2nd anniversary is this month, working on the 3rd year now)!  It seems like yesterday we were greeted at the door on a Friday night. That night, when we were lead to the RANCH,  our lives were changed forever. FREEDOM, PURPOSE, HEALING AND TESTIMONY.  It is such and honor to be a part of this Ministry. My desire is to serve, grow, learn and share. I want to be a walking testimony of the very thing that makes the enemy flee!  To use… to the fullest every moment that Jesus suffered for us all, fighting for hurting and lost souls. Fighting the enemy for not just my freedom but, that of others.  The healing, the restoration of souls beaten down and control by the unclean spirits just looking for a place to destroy lives, families, health and joy.
God has allowed me to be victorious over many things. Looking back on my journey and how God has given me challenges, test and opportunity he also, provided your teachings and tools on how to make this journey a testimony for the Kingdom. The challenges you put before us as a body, the words you speak that we must always be growing in our walk with God. The tough love of blowing out any self pity, self doubt or fear has allowed my life to become a walking testimony full of many miracles!  The things I have learned could have never been attained without the tools and teaching I received at the Ranch. I know God has me exactly where he wants me.
I am up for the next level!  I am teachable and I am a witness to just how powerful the teaching and the deliverance ministry is. I will be honored to serve anywhere you need me.  I trust your leadership and will respect whatever direction God reveals.

– J.M.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since I came to my first Friday night.  I still remember that night and the next morning very clearly.  It has been an amazing year since then and my life has been so impacted.  One thing I wanted to point out is that in the last year since coming to the Ranch for the first time I’ve had zero sickness and on top of that have taken zero cough/cold medicine, allergy medicine, Advil/ibuprofen etc. There’s been maybe 1 or 2 days where you feel a cough may be coming on but instead of running to medicine I just take authority in Jesus name and it leaves.  I also had a lot of fear of being at my house alone or silence in the dark etc and all those fears are gone.  Michael is such an amazing man and the revelation that is taught is so simple to understand and apply to your life to walk in victory.  The big things that helped me is realizing Ephesians 6:12 that were not fighting what we can see but we are fighting the invisible realm and since we’ve been redeemed from the curse in Galatians 3:13 we already have victory and authority over it.  Since we’ve been redeemed from everything and Thy kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven we shouldn’t have any issues here.  I knew about authority and the power of the spoken word but I didn’t know all the authority we have and how to activate and appropriate it until I came here. Thank you so much for everything your family and this ministry has done and I am really excited to see what happens this next year and the growth and next level for this ministry.

– H.C.

“Thank you so much RRM for all the love of Christ that you radiate and the healing power of God that you make manifest.”

– C.F.

 “This weekend was INCREDIBLE!  The word that Michael was trying to remember and then finally the Holy Spirit gave him was codependence.   That has been riding around in my car for about 10 years and it was long over due for it to go.  I finally know how to fight it effectively and if it ever wants to come back I have the tools to use against it.  The Lord has done a mighty work prior to me coming to the Ranch but I this is where the work of pruning and growth and more FREEDOM will continue!

I have so many people that need to hear this message.  I have felt like an ambulance driver picking up people over the past few years and not knowing what to do with them.  The back has been filling up with sick people and now I finally have a place to take them to get the help they need.  I knew I could not help them but I have been praying for a “hospital” to take them that is filled with the Holy Spirit.  I am so thankful for this ministry!!”

– M.W.

“I have had neck problems for as long as I can remember. My neck had always pained me when I read or did anything looking down. But while the preacher was leading us through deliverance my neck started to straighten and it stayed that way. I have gone to many specialists and nothing has help, but God does.”


“Please let Pastor Michael and April know that after their prayer for me my eyesight had been improving to the point that I have to adjust my eyeglasses away from my face some in order to read clearly!!”

– K.B.

“I have not felt this way in years, let me be real I never felt this way.  All those years of bondage are gone and I’m never going back. It’s been almost 4 weeks and it’s getting better and better.  No one can tell me demons, evil spirits and the devil are not real and a christian cannot have a demon. I know what I’ve been delivered from.  My wife and two daughters are amazed at the results of me being free.  Let me first Thank God in our Lord Jesus Christ for the Refuge Ranch.”

– L.S.

“I had been suffering from palpitations the last couple months that seemed to derive from stress and a mitral valve prolapse that I had been diagnosed from years ago. Palpitations that day were worse. I could hardly get out of bed and it was really late. Precisely because of all we had learned at the Ranch, my husband and my daughter, prayed over me and ordered stuff that was not of God to leave. 15 minutes later I was ready to go! As we listened to the teaching, I was in pain and not feeling well. At the end of it when Michael prayed for healing and deliverance over all of us, he mentioned he was getting “digestive system”. Well, I appropriated that and believed it was for me! I went up for prayer and received the healing power of God!! I have been free of any stomach/palpitation since. PTL!!”